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Blown Fibre Optic Installers

PSP Data Comms are qualified and experienced blown fibre installers. Blown fibre installation requires specialist teams of fibre optic cable installers to carry out the installation tasks associated with blown fibre. We are accredited by Leviton (Brand Rex) to install their Hi-Dex fibre solution. We have installed blown fibre in many environments and locations from campus networks in Manchester, hospitals in Cheshire to data centres in Leeds.


What is Blown Fibre or Air Blown Fibre

Blown fibre or air blown fibre was initially introduced by British Telecom in the 1980's. It has now progressed and utilised in many modern-day networks like Local area networks. In simple terms, blown fibre is the installation of a fibre optic system in two phases. 


Blow Duct Installation

The first phase necessitates the installation of special ducting called micro duct or blow duct.  Essentially blow duct, or micro duct is a flexible conduit that is typically made up of numerous empty polythene tubes. There are several types of available which cater to different environments and types of installations like internal or burial installation. The ducting is very robust and more sturdy than conventional fibre cable as it is empty when installed, no fibre cores get damaged during this installation phase. 

Blow Duct cross sections


Blown Fibre Installation

The second phase involves the insertion of up to 12 fibre cores bundled together. Standard fibre optic cable consists of multi-layered sheathing however the fibre cores associated in blown fibre do not contain so many layers. Less protective sheathing allows the fibre cable to be very light enabling it to be quickly deployed by introducing compressed air into the ducting. 

Hi-Dex Fibre Solution

We recently completed a Brand Rex Leviton Hi -Dex fibre solution consisting of over 8000 fibre terminations. The largest Hidex solution in Europe!

HI-DEX is ideally suited for installation in the data centre, where multiple point-to-point fibre connections between distribution racks and equipment racks can be quickly and efficiently installed, and where an upgrade path to multi-lane higher speed transmissions is required.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior performance: Ultra low loss connectivity ensures the challenging optical budget is achieved
  • Increased density: Maximise density and minimise footprint — up to 144 fibres using LC presentations
  • Unrivalled accessibility: Two-point cassette removal provides ease of access
  • Internal shuttered adapter: Dust and laser protection — no need for dust caps
  • Modularity: Scalable design allows isolated access to 24-fibre cassettes without compromising other connections

The installation is made up of a mixture of 24 Core om4 tight buffered fibre and Blowlite 12 core tube for future expansion.
Leviton Air Blown Fibre Systems offer solutions for internal and external applications with their market-leading Blolite and MicroBlo.
The Blolite system is versatile with backbone and / or fibre to the desk links and can even allow for long distance links of up to 1km. Blolite is easily installed using compressed air and fibres are easy to terminate and are compatible with all standard optical connectors.

Get Blown Fibre Installed

If you need a blown fibre installation or a conventional fibre optic cable installation, please contact our team on 01270 212 211 and discuss your requirements for a no obligations free quote. Whether you need an Emergency fibre optic repair in Leeds or thinking of expanding fibre network in Wales you will always be guaranteed a professional service.

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