Network Cabling - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you repair fibre cables?

Yes we can fault find to within 1.8 metres with our ODTR test equipment and repair your cable onsite with the Fusion Splicer.

Do you design networks?

Yes, our experienced network engineers provide a full consultation, planning and network design service including plans.

Do you offer 24/7 callout?

Yes, we have an emergency fibre optic repair service with rapid response which is available 24/7. Call 01270 212 211

Just like the inhabitant of Lilliput, we encountered some rather tiny optical fibre link problems at Gulliver's World in Warrington, which we fixed using our Microscanner FLUKE testing equipment.


PSP At Womad Festival It is festival season!

We have already had Glastonbury, T in the Park, Latitude and Parklife, we have The Green Man Festival, V Festival, Creamfields and Reading & Leeds to look forward to (amongst many others)!

PSP were called to the Womad festival in Malmesbury, Wiltshire this week to repair a fibre link ahead of the festival which is taking place 24th- 26th July. Womad Festival has seven different outdoor stages and Open Air festivals rely heavily on optical fibre to operate the sites communications.

We often carry out emergency fibre repairs and have been installing and repairing outdoor and harsh environment cabling systems for many years.

We know that working in outdoor areas requires extra measurements to ensure no damage to the system is caused and to ensure that data transmission quality is not affected.

When problems occur PSP are ready to get things running because THE SHOW MUST GO ON!


We were called out to Oulton Park at the weekend, during the British Touring Car Championships.

We were called out to repair the fibre circuits for the track’s CCTV cameras.

We responded to the call on Saturday afternoon and we were on site carrying out the repair within 2 hours!

You can find out more about our fibre services and our emergency repair services on our main site.

Environ Techology

Environ employed PSP to terminate and Test OM3 Multimode Fibre links.

The OM3 Multimode Fibre links formed part of their Audio Visual installation within a private residence at Kensington Palace Gardens Kensington. London.

Our Fibre testing and fault finding services are carried out using the latest FLUKE testing equipment. Using optimum time domain reflectometer (OTDR) technology PSP can pinpoint a fibre breakage within 1.8 metres of the break.

Fibre Testing Equipment

When the breakage has been identified we can field joint the cable using portable fusion splice equipment ensuring minimal db loss. This means that when we re-test the fibre it will still meet the industry standards and the fibre bandwidth will not be compromised.

Our fibre optic repair clients expand from I.T rooms in Schools to Football Clubs and Businesses.

Quick Glossary of Structured Cabling Terms

  • Cat5,6, 6e are performance classes for cables
  • Decibel (dB) a logarithmic ratio used to indicate signal strength
  • Patch Lead short cable used usually used as a jumper from wall to node
  • Gbit, Gb Short for Gigabit and has the unit symbol Gbit or Gb
  • LAN Local Area Network which usually describes a same site network
  • UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair cabling is designed to eliminate electromagnetic interference
  • Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another
  • SWA Steel Wire Armoured cable. A PE jacket protects the data cable with a strong outer coating
  • Crosstalk is where data is introduced from one channel or pair to another and this causes interference

We provide full technical support for all of our installations, upgrades and repairs.

Due to the sensitive nature of the business we understand the need for privacy and are members of the ICO.