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Call Now for Rapid 24/7 Response on Fibre Repairs

Using the latest in OTDR test equipment our fibre optic repair engineers will identify a cable fault within a distance of 1.8 Metres. This allows us to repair broken fibre optic links efficiently and with minimum downtime to your optical fibre network.

Fibre Optic Cabling

The wide bandwidth of Optical Fibre offers substantially increased data rates.

The low attenuation of fibre allows far longer cable runs without the need to include repeater equipment.

Optical Fibres are not affected by electromagnetic interference, the elimination of earth loops and signal distortion further enhances reliability and security.

Enhanced data security - copper data cables are prone to signal leak and therefore the possibility of tapping. Fibre cables do not radiate electromagnetic energy - eliminating the threat of tapping.

Fire Test Equipment

Fibre Test Equipment

PSP use the latest core alignment fusion splicers for fibre installation and repair works. For fault finding PSP use quad OTDR equipment combining single mode and multi-mode capabilities.

We use Fluke DTX and DSX cable analysers to record test results for Customers to read in PDF format and to send to system manufactures to scrutinize for warranty application.

All of PSP’s fibre fault finding and test equipment is serviced and calibrated regularly to conform to industry requirements.

Fusion Splicing Process

The Fusion Splicing Process

Fibre Option Fusion Splicing is the process used to join fibres together by using an electric arc to melt two fibres together. This method allows us to repair or extend exisiting cables. We use only the latest equipment to ensure a proper join between fibre cables.

It is possible to pre-empt network issues by having it maintained.

Checking of cables, testing cables and keeping cabinets tidy can all help.

Our trained engineers and test equipment can spot potential problems early and thus reduce down time and network errors.

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Blue Coat School Logo
The Blue Coat School Birmingham

Following a call by the school reporting a faulty fibre cable feeding the gatehouse, PSP engineers responded the same day to fault find and repair. Using OTDR equipment PSP engineers found the cable to be damaged within an underground duct and were able to repair the cable within 4hrs.

Harrods Logo
Harrods London

PSP Data Comms were called out when a fibre optic cable that controls the BMS within the world famous department store was cut by a contractor. PSP were able to repair the link within 4 hours and with minimal disruption.

Our network installation service covers the North West of England, Yorkshire, the Midlands, North & Mid Wales, South Yorkshire and Nottingham.

Emergency Fibre Repair - 24 Hours a Day

We have fully qualified fibre optic cabling engineers ready to repair your cables and have your network up and running ASAP.
For a fast call out response please call 01270 212211 or Request a Call Back.

Fibre Optic Patch Lead Colours

Due to popular demand we now offer an Emergency Fibre optic repair service. Using the latest in OTDR test equipment our fibre optic repair engineers will identify a cable fault within a distance of 1.8 Metres. If you can identify the cable type and speed, this will help our engineers.

How to identify fibre patch lead mode types

  • Single mode patch leads are usually yellow in colour
  • 62.5/125 or OM1 patch leads are Grey in colour
  • 50/125 or OM2 patch leads are Orange in colour
  • 50/125 or OM3 patch leads are Aqua in colour
  • 50/125 or OM4 patch leads are Aqua in colour

PSP Data designed and installed a cat6 network cabling, voice data cabling and fibre optic backbone links

Stoke City Football Club

Fast Response Optical Fibre Repair

Call 01270 212211 for Instant Response

If your fibre optic cabling is broken or has developed an intermittent fault, please call on 01270 212211 to arrange a fast response optical fibre repair engineer for a same day call out. We understand the importance of fixing a faulty fibre link quick, with that reason in mind this service is offered 24 hours a day 7 Days a week.

Our Fibre repair specialists will repair your fibre optic connections and advise on taking precautions to stop fibre optic breakdowns in the near future.

  • Fibre Optic Repairs
  • 24 / 7 Call Out Service with Rapid Response
  • Fully Qualified and Experienced Engineers
  • On-site Splicing
  • Patch Cable Cleaning
  • Test Certificate Provided

Carl and his team were fantastic in offering sound advice and really helping us to understand the importance of our infrastructure.

IT Manager, Derek Booth

Network Cable Maintenance

Maintaining your network is important to ensure you have as much uptime as possible. a well maintained network will deliver excellent speeds and reduce noise and interference. Snagged cables and pest damage can be prevented and the integrity of the network retained.

  • Test Certificates Provided
  • Patch Leads Replaced
  • Fibre Ends Inspected and Cleaned
  • Cabinets and Termination Points Refurbished

Murphy group use PSP to install and maintain their fibre optic networks. PSP have designed and installed Single mode fibre optic networks within Murphy groups London and Sheffield offices.

Murphy Group

Structured Cabling Services have been provided to the following clients

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