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    Data Cabling for
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Data Cabling Installers - Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, Voice and Fibre Optic

If you work in the food and beverage industry and like so many you’re looking for a data cabling company to install network cabling; then you have come to the right place. We are one of Northwest’s most experienced structured cabling specialists. We offer friendly advice and support, why not try us?

Data Cabling for Food and Beverage Industry

Are you involved in the food and beverage industry and require data cabling?

If its data cabling for data and voice, our structured network cabling is precisely what your business needs.

Our specialist structured data cabling service for the food industry has now become a prefered vendor to the industry throughout the northwest and now in many areas of the UK. With more companies utilising network cabling for voice communication as well as data, there has been a sharp increase in our data cabling installations in food processing plants over the past 14 years.

We have installed many types of cabling from cat5e and cat6 to multimode and single mode fibre optic cabling. All data cable installations are tested and come with a 25 Year manufacturer’s warranty

Data cable installation service

Data cable is not just for office computer and telephone systems. In many manufacturing environments, the food processing machinery or equipment, communicate via data cable be that be cat5e, Cat6. For those machines, which require a higher bandwidth or are beyond the 90-metre limit a fibre optic link is an ideal solution.

Our Data cable installers have worked in many environments from non-hostile such as cheese factories and Cider factories to hostile environments such as cold rooms and animal rendering plants.

All our data network installation engineers are fully trained and with CSCS membership and are enhanced DBS checked. As well as our network cabling services we also offer the current data services.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is always on the forefront on all data cabling installations with greater care taken in a food-processing environment. Great care and attention is taken when considering network cabling in a food-processing environment. Full method statements and risk assessments are made and agreed before any work takes place. All engineers carry IPAF licenses and are confined space trained.

Specialist Materials

Cable used is always of a Low Smoke Zero Halogen, and where required we always use stainless steel containment, IP rated boxes and cabinets. Problems occur when network cabling connectors are exposed to pressure washers during wash down. PSP’s specialist materials and installation prevent such issues. Food grade cable ties and sealants are used within food production areas.

Structured Data Cabling Installer

PSP offer structured computer cabling installation services and we are one of the leading companies installing this kind of cabling for data networks. Structured cabling is the central core to all data networks in any establishment. We believe it’s the vital backbone to any data infrastructure whether that be cat5e cabling, cat6 or fibre optic cable. That’s why our clients recommend PSP Data Communications structured cat5e cabling installation service for installation and support of all other types of data cabling.

Structured Cabling - Install or Upgrade

Structured Cable Install or Upgrade

We are one of Northwest’s most experienced computer cabling specialists. Our specialist ethernet cable installers have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in structured cabling installations offering only the best in cabling and service in various environments from offices like accountancy firms to harsh environments like food processing plants.

If you are looking to upgrade your network infrastructure or have a new data cabling installation we can provide with a free quote.

Network Cable Maintenance

Network Cable Maintenance

It is possible to pre-empt network issues by having it maintained. Checking of cables, testing cables and keeping cabinets tidy can all help. Our trained engineers and test equipment can spot potential problems early and thus reduce down time and network errors.

Our accreditations include Brand-Rex, Construction Skills Certification Scheme, Excel - Excellence in Networking, FIA, IPAF and Siemon Registered Installer.

Looking for a Structured Network Data Cabling Contractor?

If like so many you’re looking for structured cabling companies to install data cabling, than you have come to the right place. We are one of Northwest’s most experienced structured cabling specialists. Our cabling Installers have a vast amount of experience and knowledge in structured cabling installations offering only the best in cabling and service in various environments from offices like accountancy firms to harsh environments like food processing plants. We have deployed data cabling for solicitors firms in Wales to fibre optic and copper network cabling for sports stadiums in Staffordshire. If you’re new office needs structured LAN cabling or a School ICT lab requires structured cabling with fibre we can help.

Structured Cabling Installation - Do it Once, Do it Right!

Over the past years PSP Data have listened to their clients and their requirements when it comes to installation requirements. We understand IT budgets are not what they were 5 years ago with increasing efforts to cut costs. Cost cutting has led many towards deploying cheap cabling, which in the long run have developed problems, resulting in underperforming data networks. We believe in a “doing it once doing it right” philosophy when it comes to this kind of work. PSP strive to deliver a service at a budget to suit you without compromising on quality.

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Cost Effective

Low cost of network components means a good ROI

Increase Data Speed

When installed properly CAT6a can deliver data at 10 Gigabits / Second

Voice and Data

Supports Voice and Data using the same cable and connections

Easy Management

Office moves are straight forward - simply 'plug and go'

Simple to Repair

Installation equipment is cheap and cables can be easily mended

Flexible Structure

The nature of Structured Cabling allows ultimate flexibility for a business's IT infrastructure


If data transfer becomes a problem a Fibre Optic Backbone can be installed to increase performance

Well Defined Standards

When installed correctly a Structured Cabling System will follow the correct installation standards


By using the same cable and connectors speeds should remain constant

Are You Looking for Help with Your Network?

Our engineers are fully qualified and experienced, yes some do say old but we prefer experienced. Planning and design is a very important part of any installation. Why not have a chat with us about your project?

JS Bailey Logo
JS Bailey Nantwich, Cheshire.

PSP Data installed a cat 5e network infastructure and fibre optic backbone within the offices and warehouse of a busy cheese factory. PSP were called in to rectify a structured cabling network that had been badly installed. The main goal here was to install a new network while keeping the existing network running until the very last minute to reduce down time.

beesons Logo
Beesons Haslington, Cheshire

Beesons is an family run abattoir based in Cheshire. PSP data comms designed and installed a structured cabling infrastructure that will stand up to the harsh environment of an abattoir.

beesons Logo
H Weston’s Cider Ledbury, Herfordshire

PSP have installed new and repaired existing fibre optic link in this vast cider plant.We have also installed a new cat 5e network within the new production plant.

Structured Cable Network Design

Prior to the commencement of any installation, comprehensive surveys and enquiries are made to ensure that what is installed covers the current and foreseeable future requirements. Be it a network of any size the design and implementation is the same, ensuring that you have a system which meets your needs.

All our data network installation engineers are fully trained and with CSCS membership and are enhanced CRB checked. As well as our structured network cabling solutions we also offer the current data services.

  • Fibre Optic Links
  • Backbone Cabling for connectivity between local communication cabinets
  • Data Storage facilities for LAN, WAN and SAN networks
  • Large Global Financial and Legal Corporations
  • Temporary Site Accommodation/Construction
  • Computer Cabling Solutions

Carl and his team were fantastic in offering sound advice and really helping us to understand the importance of our infrastructure.

IT Manager, Derek Booth

Structured Cable Install / Upgrade

With the growing demand for additional bandwidth due to faster backbone switches and the need to network additional media such as CCTV Many schools are finding that their existing fibre links are outdated. PSP can help design and install upgraded fibre systems to the latest network cabling standards.

  • Cat5e – Category 5 Enhanced Structured Cabling
  • Cat6, Cat6a (Augmented) – Category 6 Structured Cabling
  • Cat7, Cat7a (Augmented) – Category 7 Structured Cabling
  • Fibre Optic Data Cabling

PSP Data designed and installed a cat6 network cabling, voice data cabling and fibre optic backbone links

Stoke City Football Club

Structured Cabling Services have been provided to the following clients

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