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From Clock-making to Cabling: PSP at JB Joyce & Co's

Eastgate Clock in Chester

JB Joyce & Co, established in 1690, are said to be the oldest clockmakers in the world and are famous for creating some of our most iconic clock towers.

Their works include The Eastgate Clock in Chester and Shanghai’s Customs House.

This project was carried out for antiques expert Christina Trevanion, notable for her roles on Bargain Hunt, Flog It, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and Antiques Road Trip.

Christina and her partner are turning the building into an auction house, entitled ‘Trevanion & Dean,’ which will focus on fine art and antiques. The building, under its new guise as an auction house, is set to open in December 2014.

The project consisted of a Brand Rex GigaPlus network cabling installation for the offices and WIFI network. Here’s the science bit - It’s a Cat5e cable and supports Gigabit Ethernet protocol and this is combined with quality EMI/RFI protection which is suitable for installations in backbone and horizontal areas.

So, the old clockmaker's building may be a bit of an antique but it’s now bang up to date with the latest technology - time well spent for PSP!

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