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Fibre Optic Cabling London

Supplying your network with bandwidth and incredible speeds, a fibre optic cabling can transform any business in London with a significant increase in data rates and numbers of users simultaneously accessing data such as video and conferencing.

Fibre Optic Cabling London

If you searched for Fibre Optic Cabling London, then you have come to the right place. PSP Data have been installing fibre optic networks since 2004 in London and various other locations in the UK. Our solid understanding of fibre optic and network cabling makes our installation service a preferred choice for our customers. Our clients stem from large-scale enterprises in London and sports stadiums Staffordshire to amusement parks in the West Midlands to educational establishments in Manchester.

You can depend upon our fibre cabling and fibre network design professionals to take care of all your fibre cabling specifications. Every fibre cabling solution is bespoke to your requirements and budget. We provide a very affordable low-cost fibre cabling service in London always keeping your budget in mind while still preserving integrity and quality.

Our London fibre optic installation service engineers also specialise and offer the following fibre optic related services to educational and business establishments

  • Fibre optic cabling Installation
  • Single Mode Fibre Optic Cabling 
  • Emergency Fibre Cable Repair
  • Fibre Optic Fusion Splicing
  • Blown Fibre Installation
  • Fibre Optic Cable Testing  - Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
  • Fibre Optic Cable Terminations

We have become London's most recommended and affordable fibre optic installer. We cover all areas of London from Camden, Islington, Greenwich to Bromley, Croyden, Harrow and Brent. If you need a fibre optic cable installing or have a problem with an existing fibre optic cable please call our fibre installers and discuss your requirements.

London Fibre Optic Data Networks

London Fibre Optic Data Network Installation

The installation of fibre optic cable is the main backbone link between equipment rooms and telecommunications closets, of all major fibre optic network solutions, campus network solutions, and where there is a need for large network data transfer within data storage centres. It is also is the main backbone link for Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) or if there is a cable length issue with using copper cable solutions like Cat5 or Cat6 cabling systems (maximum 90m copper cable installation).

The real advantages in employing this type of cabling solution for the data sector is the capability of transferring at high speeds over very long distances while being immune to EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference). One of the significant security benefits is the difficulty in tapping into a fibre optic cable to access the data signals over your network.

Give our fibre optic cable installers in London the opportunity to design and install your fibre optic network. We will deliver a fibre solution end to end, day one to completion while keeping to your budget and schedule. Please do not just take our word for it, read through our testimonials to see all of our satisfied clients since 2004.

Fusion Splicing Fibre Optic Cable

This video demonstrates the fusion splicing process. Our engineers demonstrate how to strip and clean the fibre preparing the cable for fusion splicing using industry standard specialist equipment. Our fibre cabling installer makes it look easy, and the test result is excellent, it takes many years of practice to be able to achieve this level of workmanship. Fibre Optic Fusion Splicing offers many advantages for those who are looking to extend or relocate their current installation with the need of reinstalling or re-running an entire fibre optic cable.

  • Test Certificates Provided
  • Patch Leads Replaced
  • Fibre Ends Inspected and Cleaned
  • Cabinets and Termination Points Refurbished

Murphy group use PSP to install and maintain their fibre optic networks. PSP have designed and installed Single mode fibre optic networks within Murphy groups London and Sheffield offices.

Murphy Group

Why Use Fibre Optic?

Why Use Fibre Optic

The demand for high speed and increased transmission distances enhances the difficulty of using copper cables. Interference caused by Electromagnetic Emission's, Attenuation, Signal Distortion and Crosstalk become increasingly apparent as the operating frequencies increase.

The wide bandwidth of Optical Fibre offers substantially increased data rates. The low attenuation of fibre allows far longer cable runs without the need to include repeater equipment. Optical Fibres are not affected by electromagnetic interference, the elimination of earth loops and signal distortion further enhances reliability and security.

Repair Service

Fibre Repair London

PSP have recently launched their Emergency Fibre Optic Repair Service for damaged and faulty fibre links. You can now book a fault specialist to repair any damaged fibre links within your premises, 24 hours a day. Faults, although not too common, can have adverse effects on your network when data cannot be transmitted at the right rate.

If your fibre link has stopped working, or is displaying signs of an intermittent fault call now on 01270 212 211 or email and report your problem. Our repair engineers can be with you the same day to resolve any issues.

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Fibre Optic Network Design, Installation and Maintenance

Experts in designing networks for optimum data transfer, our fibre optic service includes the plans, installation and a maintenance service. We will fully support your data network.

Demon Tweeks Logo
Demon Tweeks Wrexham, North Wales

Due to the growing demand for Demon Tweeks products the company has recently expanded their distribution warehouse. PSP installed a new remote comms cabinet fed by OM3 fibre to the Main server room and DR suite. A full containment system carrying a Cat 5e cabling system was installed to connect the workstations within the warehouse.

Drayton Park Logo
Drayton Park Tamworth, Staffordshire

PSP has been assisting Drayton Manor Park IT department to upgrade the Optical fibre network across the site. The old infrastructure was running on OM1 multimode fibre. PSP have installed Single mode armoured fibre across the site allowing more bandwidth and additional protection to cables.


Our network installation service for covers the North West of England, Yorkshire, the Midlands, North & Mid Wales, South Yorkshire and Nottingham.

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