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Solar Farm Fibre Optic Installation 

Did you know we have been installing and repairing fibre optic cable for solar farms throughout the UK for many years? Certified fibre optic engineers are available 24 hours a day for all types of fibre optic cable repair for solar and wind farms.

Solar farms or wind farms are an outdoor environment where fibre optic cabling is used. Solar farms are located typically in areas which are dry and sunny with predicted higher than average temperatures during the day with the temperatures dropping making it very cold at night.
Renewable energy farms have many power cables everywhere which in turn makes such environments hazardous. As a general practice, all-dielectric fibre cable constructions are desirable to eliminate grounding and coupling concerns. One of the simplest ways to deploy a fibre optic cable is to direct bury the cable side by side the power cables. The fibre optic cable buried must be able to resist the weather have sufficient crush resistance and resistance to small animals like rodents.


Why Fibre Optic Cable in a Solar Farm?

Fibre optic cable's resistance to electrical interference and long distance communication capability make it an essential part of a solar farm.

Key applications for fibre optic cable and its components in solar energy systems include:
• Power gate drivers for inverters
• Sun tracking control and communication boards
• Solar farm substation automation and protection relays

A typical solar park will have a number of inverter stations. At each inverter station, there will be a comms station that transmits data between the inverter stations and the customer substation. The comms substations are usually connected via single mode fibre.

solar farms substation fibre optic cable installation

Typical Substation comms box presentation with fibre presentation and hardened Fibre optic media convertor.


Fibre Optic Installation 

If you are assembling a solar farm or repairing an old one, PSP have you covered for fibre terminations, fibre splicing, design, installation and testing. We have committed, and qualified fibre engineers, making us a preferred vendor for all new renewable energy parks and farms.

Solar Farm Fibre Optic Repair 

We understand how critical a damaged fibre optic cable can be to the whole operation. That is why our fibre optic cabling engineers could be at your location within a few hours to provide fibre optic cable troubleshooting, repair, and replacement. Our fibre optic cable engineers can splice in  Operations and Management buildings and Substations using the latest fusion splicers and an OTDR for testing and reports. 

Fibre Optic Installers

PSP has been involved with the Termination and commissioning of many sites around the UK.
Solar park fibre networks completed by PSP

  • Newington - Doncaster
  • Morfa Camp - Tywyn Gwynedd
  • Basin Bridge – Nuneaton
  • Lindridge – Hinckley
  • Maesgwyn – Port Talbot
  • Wraysbury - Slough
  • Wally Corner – Oxfordshire
  • Netley – Southampton
  • Common - Farm Swindon
  • Abbey Fields – Fathersham


If you require fibre optic termination or troubleshooting, please contact our team on 01270 212 211 and discuss your requirements for a no obligations free quote.

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